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Marka Strategia

My name is Marek Zdziech, and I am a partner at OC&C, a global consulting firm focused on strategy

I am curious about how people and organizations make critical decisions and how their choices – and often the choice is not to make a decision – result for their performance, for their future and for their strategy. Isn’t the strategy the result of choices and decisions made?

I am extremely lucky to live in two countries – right next to the rocky beach on the coast in southern England and in the picturesque suburbs of Warsaw. Extremely lucky… or maybe this is Marek’s strategy (Marka Strategia)? This life in two different social environments sharpens my interest in different strategies adopted by people and organizations, often in very similar situations. My podcast is a personal selection and a reflection on these differences and what results from them.

Feel free to contact me and comment. But also, please come forward if you would like to share your story about interesting strategic decisions, I will be happy to invite you as a guest to Marka Strategia.

Best wishes

Marek Zdziech

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